All sports are unique, but in the end it’s all about staying on top of your game and keeping focused no matter what.

Reaching your full potential, when it really matters, is what it’s all about for an elite athlete. Being optimally fit and strong to achieve the set goals. Attention is paid to minimizing risk of injuries and avoiding illness. Good health is a prerequisite. Being able to read and assess a situation faster than your opponents hence decide quicker what to do, is important in all sports. The faster our nerve cells process information, the faster our brain can anticipate and decide how to act.

Important nutrients

The omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA found in cod liver oil play an important role throughout the body for our health in general. A daily intake of 250mg of DHA and EPA will contribute to maintenance of normal brain function, vision and function of the heart. They are essential for maintaining the structure and function of the brain and eye. The fatty acids enhance the ability for communication between brain cells.

Our bodies depend on the omega-3 fatty acids, but do not produce them. Therefore, they must be obtained through our diet. You find the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA in fish, and cod liver is particularly rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Interestingly our modern diets are low on these important nutrients and thereby we do not eat enough omega-3 fatty acids for optimal health and development.


Omega-3 fatty acids are best known for their heart and brain health benefits. Research show that omega-3 fatty acids also contribute to a healthy immune function, by decreasing the inflammatory response to exercise. Hard training sessions expose the body to stress, which can lead to a detrimental increase of inflammation in the body. For both active individuals and elite athletes it is important to secure a healthy immune system.

Training and competing strain the muscles in the body and break them down. In order to avoid damage and injury, it’s important for the body to recover properly between workouts.

The marine omega-3 fatty acids increase cellular membrane elasticity and produce an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Increased levels of DHA and EPA in the blood may induce improved muscle recovery by enhancing the body’s management of inflammation.

Our Focus

Arctic Superhealth believes strongly that physical activity and securing sufficient omega-3 fatty acids through our daily diet are key factors for a healthy lifestyle.

Elite athletes need to stay on top of their game. We are proud sponsors of the Norwegian cross-country skier, Anders Aukland, and his long-distance elite ski team, Team Ragde Eiendom. The leading team in the international long-distance cross-country ski cup. These elite athletes have several victories in Vasaloppet, Marcialonga, Birkebeinerrennet and other long-distance races.

Image of elite athlete Anders Aukland cross-country skiing

Anders Aukland has won both Olympic and World Championship gold medals and is a former national champion in 5000 and 10 000 meters. He has competed as a professional elite athlete for 27 years and is still competing at the professional level at the age of 48. He has acquired great knowledge on effective training methods.

Image of elite athlete Anders Aukland running at Holmenkollen skijump in Oslo in summertime.

As an elite athlete Anders Aukland is focused on securing that his diet is high in all important nutrients. He is not particularly fond of fish and knows that his intake of omega-3 has to be secured by a high-quality omega-3 product and therefore takes a daily dose of Arctic Superhealth omega-3 oil.

Image of elite athlete Anders Aukland showing a bottle of Arctic Superhealth omega-3 oil
Image of elite athlete Anders Aukland pouring Arctic Superhealth omega-3 oil in a spoon

Informed-sport certification

Arctic Superhealth Omega-3 oil carry the Informed Sport logo, an assurance for elite athletes that this supplement is safer to use. The products have been rigorously tested for banned substances by the world-leading anti-doping laboratory LGC, using ISO 17025 accredited methods. Each and every batch of a certified product is screened for banned substances down to part-per-billion levels. In addition, the manufacturing process must meet strict standards of quality control via thorough manufacturing audits.

Informed-sport certificate for Arctic Superhealth
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© Arctic Superhealth AS
Org. nr. 917 966 710 MVA

Telefon: +47 913 91 008
Adresse: Grini Næringspark 3, 1361 Østerås

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